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We specialize in research, development, production tailor-formulated and bio-chemical fertilizers in Sabah.
3-in-1 Bio-chemical
Effective Microorganisms (EM)
GanoEF 4 in 1 Biofertilizer
MPOB F4 (N: 9 P2O5: 6 K2O: 18 MgO: 2 + TE)
Soil Conditioner (N: 5 P2O5: 5 K2O: 5 MgO: 2 + TE)
Max K (N: 8 P2O5: 8 K2O: 20 MgO: 2 + TE)
Max Growth (N: 11 P2O5: 11 K2O: 11 MgO: 2 + TE)
Peladang 1/RS (N: 10 P2O5: 5.4 K2O: 16.2 MgO: 2.7+0.5B + TE)



Our Products & Services

“SSHF is providing tailor-formulated 3-in-1 bio-chemical fertiliser on request for oil palms, fruits, flower and vegetables. The 3-in-1 bio-chemical fertiliser is made of Zeolite, organic and chemical compounds(N,P,K).”


“All Cosmos Industries Sdn Bhd (ACI) has signed a strategic joint-venture partnership with Sabah Softwoods Bhd to set up Sabah's first bio-organic fertiliser manufacturing plant.”