RealStrong Bio-chemical Fertilizer


International Creation of RealStrong

RealStrong Bio-Chemical Fertilizers are manufactured based on scientific findings on soil and plant nutrition. RealStrong is a fertilizer for today’s agriculture. Chemical materials (N, P, K, Mg, B) are combined with organic matters and microbes for long-term sustainable crop yields.

Integrating inorganic and organic fertilizers increases the pH of the soil and thus increases the efficiency of nutrient uptake by the crop. It also enhances the retention of nutrients in the soil in the long term to improve the soil quality.

RealStrong Fertilizers’ Main Characteristics

3 Systems Working In Synergy

The organic materials in RealStrong increase plant efficiency and effectiveness in nutrient absorption. The Effective Microorganisms present in the fertilizers encourages root growth, fruiting and stronger shoots production/formation.

Increase Soil Nutrient Absorption

Due to its organic nature, RealStrong helps to increase soil nutrient and improve water retention capacity. This facilitates absorption of minerals such as zinc, magnesium, calcium and manganese. RealStrong’s microorganisms also help loosen the soil, making it healthier to support plant growth and prolong the plant’s productive life.

Increase Fruition

RealStrong significantly increases the quality of fruits and lowers the nitric acid content in vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are juicier and retain their natural flavor. Fruit trees grown in soil fortified with RealStrong 3 in 1 fertilizers have shorter planting-to-harvesting periods, giving planters more harvests in a year.

Product Specifications



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“SSHF is providing tailor-formulated 3-in-1 bio-chemical fertiliser on request for oil palms, fruits, flower and vegetables. The 3-in-1 bio-chemical fertiliser is made of Zeolite, organic and chemical compounds(N,P,K).”


“All Cosmos Industries Sdn Bhd (ACI) has signed a strategic joint-venture partnership with Sabah Softwoods Bhd to set up Sabah's first bio-organic fertiliser manufacturing plant.”