RealStrong Product Specifications

GanoEF 4 in 1 Biofertilizer

GanoEF is a combination of Hendersonia, the endophytic fungus, beneficial nutrients, organic matter and effective organisms ( EM ).

GanoEF with Hendersonia has been patented and is ready for commercial production by March 2012. It is developed jointly by the Malaysian Palm Oil Board, the authority in charge of the promotion of palm oil, and All Cosmos Industries Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of All Cosmos Bio-Tech Holding Corporation, the industry leader in bio-chemical fertilizers.

Composition of GanoEF
N:P:K - 4:3:2
Trace Element > 5%
Contain Endophytic fungus called Hendersonia sp. with population as colony-forming unit (CFU) per gram is 106 CFUg-1
pH - 6.1 - 7.0
Moisture - max 22%
Organic Matter - min 50%
Humic Acid - min 2%
C/N ratio - min 15
Bioactive Enzyme
Effective microorganisms inside GanoEF
Lactobacillus sp
Photosynthetic bacteria
Nitrifying bacteria
Yeast count
Nitrogen fixing bacteria
Actinomycetes bacteria
MPOB F4 (N: 9   P2O5: 6   K2O: 18   MgO: 2 + TE)

The oil palm (Elaes guineensis) is a fast expanding crop in the tropics. The plant has many uses: as food, industrial material and energy. There is yet another more superior substitute like oil palm in sight. Demand for palm oil is strong. As a commodity, it correlates with population and economic growth. Only a few countries in the world are blessed with land and climate for its efficient production.

MPOB F4 is a 3 in 1 control-release fertilizer consisting of living organisms, chemical and organic matters. It is suitable for application on sloping terrain and problematic soil. MPOB F4 is a balanced fertilizer and it is incorporated with zeolite to increase CEC for better nutrient and water retention, minimizing leaching losses that save on fertilizer cost.

Soil Conditioner (N: 5   P2O5: 5   K2O: 5   MgO: 2 + TE)

Soil Conditioner contains high concentration of microorganisms which increase the soil pH, improve soil fertility and help plants to be more resistant to pests and diseases. It is best suited for hilly and problematic soils. Soil Conditioner contains 65 % of organic matter, 30% chemicals and 5% zeolite. It is specifically formulated for all types of crop.

Max K (N: 8   P2O5: 8   K2O: 20   MgO: 2 + TE)

Max K is designed to be used during early fruiting stage to increase fruit size and sweetness. It contains plant-based matters and provides balanced nutrients for fresh fruit production. Max K is also suitable for flowers, vegetables, paddy and oil palm (15years & above).

Max Growth (N: 11   P2O5: 11   K2O: 11   MgO: 2 + TE)

Max Growth contains high concentration of N P K and is suggested for use after harvesting to provide balanced nutrients. Max Growth is suited for all crops.



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“SSHF is providing tailor-formulated 3-in-1 bio-chemical fertiliser on request for oil palms, fruits, flower and vegetables. The 3-in-1 bio-chemical fertiliser is made of Zeolite, organic and chemical compounds(N,P,K).”


“All Cosmos Industries Sdn Bhd (ACI) has signed a strategic joint-venture partnership with Sabah Softwoods Bhd to set up Sabah's first bio-organic fertiliser manufacturing plant.”