Exploring the World of Avocado: A Green Journey


Uncovering Secrets of the 'Fruit of Happiness'

Join us on an exciting journey to discover the fascinating world of avocados! Recently, we had the incredible opportunity to visit two avocado orchards and their processing facilities, thanks to the Department of Horticulture at National Taiwan University and the Agricultural Science Institute.

What makes it truly remarkable is not just its rich nutritional value but also its remarkable contributions to the beauty industry. This is why in certain parts of the world, like Taiwan, it's hailed as the 'Fruit of Happiness.'

During our visit, we had the privilege of meeting two exceptional avocado growers, Mr. Zhang, the General Manager of the international avocado company AAAGreen, and Mr. Shen Shizheng, the Chairman of the Chinese Avocado Association. Both are dedicated to promoting eco-friendly farming practices. They emphasize pesticide-free cultivation and employ natural methods like microorganisms, enzymes, and organic fertilizers for crop management.

Notably, enzymes play a crucial role in their cultivation process, with some growers even using less-than-perfect fruits to produce these enzymes. They stress the importance of using healthy, disease-free fruits for enzyme production. Chairman Shen adopts an innovative approach, using fresh soybean milk with syrup and microorganisms to create nutrient solutions that enhance crop growth and appearance.

When it comes to avocado cultivation, Mr. Zhang emphasized the significance of considering local soil conditions and climate variations. Each country has its own unique soil types, climate conditions, and pest challenges, making small-scale local experiments essential before larger investments. With over 400 avocado varieties, each with distinct growth characteristics, careful consideration is crucial, from the type of flowers they bear to their ripening patterns.

Additionally, Mr. Zhang has an ambitious goal—to provide year-round fresh avocados using freeze-drying technology to meet the demands of various industries.

Chairman Shen is actively working towards developing a comprehensive avocado industry chain. This includes everything from cultivating different avocado varieties to processing fresh fruit, creating culinary delights such as ice cream, frozen fruit pulp, dried fruits, and even avocado noodles.

In conclusion, we invite you to stay tuned for more exciting updates and information from us. The world of avocados holds many surprises, and we can't wait to share them with you!


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