Effective Microorganisms (EM) In Real Strong Fertilizers


Effective Microorganisms (EM) In Real Strong Fertilizers

Actinomyces Series
Able to decompose protein into amino acids and further break down into NH₃, CO2 and H2O. Leaving an alcohol like secretion that helps to remove smell and to prevent damage by pests.

Growth Factor Producing Bacteria Series
Ability to excrete hormone to stimulate plant growth.

Lactobacillus Series
Strong bactericidal characteristic, inhibit harmful bacteria from reproduction and decompose lignin and cellulose.

Nitrifying Bacteria Series
To change nitric acid into nitrate for plant absorption.

Nitrogen Fixing Series
Able to convert nitrogen in the air into a form for plant absorption.

Phosphoric Acid Releasing Series
Convert organic phosphorus into inorganic phosphoric for plant absorption.

Photosynthetic Bacteria Series
Convert nucleic acid, nitride and sugar into nutrient for both crops and microorganisms.

Yeast Series
Enchance growth and cell division of roots and benefit the reproduction of microorganisms.


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